Our name Akamuti is an African word taken from the Bemba language of Zambia. It has two meanings. It translates as 'Little Tree' or 'A Little Bit Of Medicine' It goes to show that in many parts of Africa, trees & medicine are one & are revered as powerful sources of healing. Tree ingredients are very important in our products & we feel that trees are not only essential for our health but also for the health of the whole planet.

There is something here to keep everybody's skin happy! As we believe passionately in sustainable & ethical trading, we source as many fair trade ingredients as possible from vulnerable communities around the world. Our organic forest beeswax & honey is fairly traded with Miombo beekeepers in Zambia, helping to preserve tribal communities & the forests that they live in. Our wildcrafted shea butter is fairly traded with womens' co-operatives in Togo, helping to fund renewable energy projects & provide better amenities.

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