Bulungula Lodge

The Bulungula Lodge is an eco-friendly backpacker's lodge in arguably one of the most beautiful places in South Africa, the majestic Wild Coast. The Lodge is based on a joint venture partnership between a South African entrepreneur and the Xhosa-speaking Nqileni community.

The lodge is surrounded by beach, forest, lagoons, rolling hills, dolphins, whales - you name it. The sky is so clear, the Lodge guarantees shooting stars – any guest who is able to look at the night's sky for half an hour without seeing one, gets to stay one night for free!

The community offer various activities including canoe trips up the beautiful Xhora River where kamikaze fish may jump into your boat and Malachite kingfishers hunt in the forested cliffs upstream. Guests are also able to experience the unique biodiversity of the Wild Coast including ancient cycad trees.

Bulungula has helped the Nqileni community start a number of 100% community-owned and operated enterprises including horseriding, canoeing, fishing, guiding, baking, sewing, cooking, wood-carving and environmental protection projects. These have created jobs and income for 33 families over and above those employed directly at the lodge.
Bulungula has established a number of HIV awareness programs and helps local residents to access antiretroviral treatment at the local clinic. The community are undergoing intensive training on permaculture and organic farming to improve nutrition and create surpluses that can be sold to the lodge restaurant.

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