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Coffee. Although we are Fair Trade certified, and therefore sell coffee with the 'Fair Trade'¯ mark, this for me isn't sufficient. We have moved on from this position to now carry sustainable coffee that comes from farms using other certifiers, namely Rain Forest Alliance and Utz Kapeh. The farm that has most impressed me recently is 'Daterra'¯ in Brazil (see my web video). They have spent a small fortune developing their farm to the point where sustainability has become a way of life. They not only talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. The Rainforest Alliance Tea - The 'Fair Trade'¯ mark doesn't seem to work so well when it comes to tea. Some of the Fair Trade certified¯ tea that I have tasted recently has been pretty poor. I don't know why this is the case but it has got me looking out for alternative opportunities. The one that has recently come to our attention is the They've been very shy in coming forward and reflects how sometimes you can be doing a good job but somehow nobody notices. The teas we use, particularly the English Breakfast are simply outstanding. The range is still very limited and we hope we will be able to develop this over the years.

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