Costa Rica Coffee Co

The Costa Rica Coffee Co. was founded at the beginning of the century by a Cardiff sea captain and his brother. The seafaring brother spent time between shipments in Costa Rica where he developed an interest in coffee and started exporting the beans to Cardiff, where his brother ran the company.

In 1988 the business was acquired by David and Gillie Williams. They reinstated the company as a family run business, with a personal involvement which has been its hallmark over the years. In 1990 they moved the business from the inner city of Cardiff to the still central, but more salubrious, Victorian area of Pontcanna where the huge roaster was reinstated as the centre of attraction, and wafts its wonderful aroma down Pontcanna Street to Cathedral Road.

Cardiff has recently been awarded the title Fairtrade City for its commitment to the selling of goods which workers have been paid a fair wage to produce. The Costa Rica Coffee Company has played a part in that commitment by the addition of many fairtrade coffees to their already wide range.

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