Cream o'Galloway

Cream o' Galloway Made Fair

When we began producing ice cream in 1994, we made a decision only to use natural ingredients, never to add anything artificial and never to add colour. Since the farm achieved organic status in 2001, we've only ever used our own organic milk in all of our recipes. In more recent years we've become increasingly commited to using Fair Trade ingredients in our tearoom and in 2007 we launched our new 'Made Fair' range of ice creams, certified by the Fair Trade Foundation, and 100% organic.

The organic ice cream flavours we've been making since 1999 are now made with Fair Trade ingredients too. They are still as wonderfully delicious as ever. If you've a sweet tooth we recommend Strawberry Pavlova. And if you love good old traditional vanilla, make time to try our Organic Vanilla... simply natural and simply the best!

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