At DeviDoll every label meets at least 1 of the following criteria: made from organic fabric OR made from alternative fabric (including soya, hemp, bamboo, peace silk, modal and more) OR helps revive traditional handicraft among local populations OR especially benefits women and/or children OR made from vintage or repurposed materials.

Trading Fairly:

There is no greater self-deception than feeling beautiful in clothing that has cost other human beings their health and even life. Justice for workers is a core principle of ethical fashion and it includes ensuring that wages are determined in conjunction with workers, that these wages are not unduly subject to the vagaries of market demand and that workers receive health, education, pension and other benefits. If groups have developed key parts of such a program, or are not financially or administratively equipped to acquire formal fairtrade' certification, DeviDoll recognizes them in the category of traded fairly.

See our Satya range of children's clothing, which is made from organic and fair trade cotton.

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