Doy Bags

Doy Bags are a range of bags, purses and accessories made from recycled juice packs - non-biodegradable foil and plastic packaging that would otherwise go into landfill sites and incinerators. The juice packs come in a large number of fruity flavors, such as the ever popular Fruit-C and Jungle Juice ranges, which are mixed and matched to create a huge variety of colorful bags. There are Doy Bags made from recycled sauce packs, too: check out our Banana Ketchup and Tomato Sauce bags. And for chocoholics we even have Choc-O bags! Doy Bags are produced and traded according to Fair Trade principles. Doy Bags are made by our women's cooperative in the Philippines. The large number of bags and household items that we produce every year prevents vast quantities of juice packs from being burnt, buried or simply littering the streets and waterways. Our cooperative has won a number of awards in the Philippines for its concern for the environment and its outstanding contribution to both waste recycling and employment generation.

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