Ella Georgia Jewellery

Making no bones about it, jewellery can be a dirty and unethical business. Many workers have to suffer long hours, poor wages, appalling working conditions, abuse, harassment, discrimination and more. Their paymasters give little heed to the destruction of forests and natural habitat should they stand in the way of silver, gold, gemstone or mineral extraction.

If you'll forgive the deep and meaningful for a moment, we genuinely strive to operate in a more enlightened manner; where we take responsibility for the way our business will impact on people and the environment.

We don't have all the answers, in fact we don't know all the questions. But we’re learning more, and doing more about it, as each week goes by.

For instance, we deal only with suppliers who operate on a fair trade basis, those who have high ethical standards, and those who minimise the impact of their activities on the environment. 

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