Equality Wines

EQUALITY by Las Lomas is a major new brand and the first to be created directly in response to the consistently growing demand for and popularity of Fairtrade products. The range of wines is produced by Las Lomas at their co-operative winery in Cauquenes (COVICA Ltda).
In October 2005, COVICA was granted Fairtrade status, marking a milestone in its history. UK agent for the Las Lomas range, Nicholas Ingham worked extensively with the team at COVICA to produce a new, dedicated Fairtrade brand: Equality, whose first range of 2 white wines, 2 reds and a rosé was launched in the UK market in 2006.

As a Fairtrade producer, Las Lomas now guarantees to the consumer that their growers will receive better pay and many other benefits to their lives, from education to health care. This in turn creates an improved future for the communities in the region. Creating a new Fairtrade brand highlights the co-operative's commitment to helping their member growers secure a positive future.

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