Fair trade is something that is really important to us and we've worked really hard to make sure that all the people involved in making Frugi's clothes get not just a fair deal, but a good deal. We don't want children to be working in a sweatshop all day and night so that our own children can wear nice clothes.

So...all the cotton used in our products comes from a Fair Trade supplier (a co-operative of 200 cotton farmers that we have worked with since we emerged in the world as Cut4Cloth over four years ago) which has been certified by the Fair Trade Labelling Organisation (FLO). This means that the farmers get a Fair Trade premium price as well as a higher premium for being organic from us.

The factory where our clothes are made is a bastion of good practice. All the employees are over 19 years old, and they are paid a fixed salary (not a measly price per piece) and work decent hours (48 hours). AND....the employees are free to join a union and the factory provides a GP each week for the employees to bring their families to free of charge as well as health insurance. It really is a great place and because of all this they've gained the prestigious Social Accountability 8000 Standard.

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