Gossypium began in 1998 when two textile technologists, Abigail Garner & Thomas Petit, got together sharing the belief that many steps in the manufacture and sale of clothing were outdated or unnecessary and that better clothes could be designed & made in a more environmentally friendly, fairer and more direct way. They started their work with the cotton fibre and moved to India to become consultants to Agrocel, a farmers' service centre located in the cotton fields of Kutch, in western India. Their starting point was that the cotton farmer growing the cotton should get a fair price, and together with Agrocel they developed a formula for growing and trading in cotton that put the needs of the farmer first and ensured his long term environmental and economic health. The resulting product from two years of work is Agrocel's Pure & fair cotton fibre - a very high quality fibre, which is both organic & fairly traded.

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