Our vision for the Kenyan co-operatives is to develop their communities by helping them to be self-supporting for the long term.  The money they earn from the beads enables them to pay for school fees, medicines and buy clothes and food for their families.  Each time we visit the communities, it is so satisfying to see how the sales of Juzi are helping to improve so many lives as well as introducing stability, giving them real hope for the future.

Working closely with the co-operatives in Kenya we have created Four Collections: Flava, Aloe, Ozoroa and Molle.  2011 is an exciting year for us and Juzi is now being sold in over 9 countries worldwide.  We have produced some great new designs made to a very high standard and we are constantly striving to improve on all that we do.  

Our success is built on producing high quality handmade jewellery by paying a fair price to the beaders that make them.  Our regular visits to the groups ensures that their quality and commitment is of the highest order.

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