The Komodo Journey started in 1988 from a small island in Indonesia - which has the last remaining dragons in the World. The Brand Komodo was set up with the specific aim of creating employment in the Third World, designing clothes for the first and creating jobs for Joe Komodo and his friends. Komodo is actually not a fashion brand, it is a brand with a philosophy and ideal. It makes fashion, but with originality and a lot of thought. Komodo feels responsible for all those people who make their products. Its all about the buzz that comes from combining creativity and making a real contribution to people´s lives. Komodo is made for those true to life... The brand is less concerned with fashion statements, but more into lifestyle and life choices. MADE-BY certified company... KOMODO are proud to announce their recent membership to the MADE-BY organisation. This certifies all of our products ethically traded. MADE-BY is an umbrella label used by fashion brands to indicate their clothes are okay: ie. they are produced in a sustainable manner. The brands affiliated to MADE-BY prefer using organic cotton and working together with sewing factories that have a social code of conduct. MADE-BY is the first fashion initiative that focuses on environmental and working conditions throughout the entire production chain.

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