La Jewellery

Many jewellery companies these days call themselves 'bespoke', producing beautiful work that is indeed to the customer's specifications. At La Jewellery though, we like to think we take it a step further, to make bespoke mean 'utterly unique', 'inspirational' and most of all, 'magical'.

Pieces are accented by fresh-water pearls, semi-precious stones and glittering Swarovski crystals in beautiful colours and shapes and we will always attempt to match your colour scheme.

At La Jewellery, we employ part time staff and we pay them over minimum wage per hour. This is not a boast to make us look good, it is simply a fact and it is done consciously, to support the principles we operate under. Quite simply, we value our staff and the system of payment we employ, 'piece work' (a system where payment is made per item of jewellery completed), enables us not only to pay them in accordance with our commitment to their skill and creativity, it also allows both me and them a greater sense of work/life balance. In addition, it fits in with our 'Fair Trade' policy, which we believe should be an integral part of the British culture as much as it is abroad.

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