Co-creators Alica and Olivia met whilst studying Fashion Design in Cape Town. Alice joined Olivia in her home country, Kenya, for a holiday in 2005 which whilst visiting culturally rich Lamu Island they were inspired by the captivatingly beautiful "khanga" or lesso" which prompted their trademark Lalesso skirt. The duo started Lalesso during their second year at university; inspired by the vibrant colours and intriguing prints, the exclusively summer fashio brand encapsulates the pure spirit of holiday, sunshine, sea and sand.

All Lalesso clothing is manufactured under strict and extremely conscious ethical conditions in our self owned workshop in Kenya, East Africa. All our employees are paid well above the average wage and are already benefiting not only their lives but the lives of their families and have been able to increase their standard of living considerably. Each lesso' or khanga' is hand washed in the Indian Ocean before being transformed into a Lalesso creation; this is an age old method of aiding the stay fastness of the dyes.

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