Driven by a love of textiles that sat uneasily with the industry's legacy of environmental damage and terrible working conditions, LUMA was created in 2006 to provide beautiful home textiles, made in a better way.

Our fabrics are luxurious organic cottons, environmentally-friendly linens and silks, and pure wools, including pashmina, merino and angora. Bedlinens are naturally coloured organic cottons or gently oxygen-bleached. Where dyes are used, they are either vegetable or low-impact.

All LUMA products are made with dignity and many are helping to change lives. Textiles is a very human industry; it touches billions of people across the world in myriad ways. LUMA selected suppliers that enhance lives as well as produce wonderful products. Its supplier in India is a fair trade partner with Oxfam and Greenpeace, and its Peruvian partner has led fair trade projects in Peru for over 20 years. Many of LUMA's accessories sustain remote communities that depend on their traditional skills and support poverty relief efforts.

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