Manumit Fair Trade

Manumit Fair Trade was founded by husband and wife team in 2005, after the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign captured their imaginations. Shocked by "ethical" factories in Asia and born from the desire to help others and create an alternative and fairer way of doing business, Manumit is encouraging an ethical fashion which sets the trend for more trade than aid. Our fantastic fair trade products include an array of beautiful and contemporary fair trade Silver and fashion jewellery and fair trade accessories, bags, belts and scarves. All of our products are sourced and handmade by marginalised producers and artisans in the South, who are members of either IFAT or the Fair Trade Federation and have been through a process to ensure they are working to fair trade principles. We work hard with these local artisans and producers to ensure that our fabulous fair trade jewellery and accessories range holds true to their heritage and traditions, not only to the benefit of their local communities, but also to offer the best in sustainable and ethical fashion. This considerate, fair trade approach gives Manumit an authenticity little seen on the high street, translating into original and unique designs which have a genuine story and substance, with an ethical foundation. The growth of the fair trade movement has helped all the artisans and co-operatives expand their exports, and Manumit are proud to be a part of their success. We will remain loyal to the principles of fair trade and the need to create a better World, by promoting mutually responsive trading relationships with small producers, all with the determination and courage to better their lives, and at the same time, providing a fantastic array of fair trade products.

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