Mongozo means 'to your health' in the native language of Henrique Kabia, one of the founders of Mongozo beer. His language is that of the Chokwe people, who live scattered over Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In Chokwe culture it is the women who brew beer, a tradition stretching back over two centuries. Before they started making beer they used to use palm nuts to make wine. it is one of Henrique Kabia's great-great-grandmothers who was responsible for bringing about a significant change; instead of making palm wine she began making palm beer.

Over the centuries her recipe was handed down from mother to daughter. Henrique's mother brewed palm beer too, but she had no daughters. She decided to break with tradition and initiate her son onto the mysteries of brewing beer.

The same recipe was in his hands when he arrived in The Netherlands as a refugee in 1933. The recipe formed the basis for a new, exotic beer line with which a whole new dimension was added to the European beer tradition.

You can enjoy Mongozo beer in four different flavours - coconut, banana, palm nut and Quinua.

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