Monkeybiz Store

The Monkeybiz team is excited to bring you a selection of our most popular products for fast and easy ordering online.

Monkeybiz is a non-profit, income-generating art and health project. We currently support over 450 women and their families, many of whom are HIV positive. By creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind beaded art pieces, the women have found a sustainable way to support themselves and their families.

By buying a Monkeybiz product, you are directly supporting our bead artists and their families, as well as the health and wellness services that are provided to our community.

One of the most exciting aspects of Monkeybiz products is that they are all one-off pieces. No two products are identical. By ordering a Monkeybiz product, you are ordering a one-of-a-kind item. We are thrilled that you are about to become part of our Monkeybiz family!!!

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