Natalie Dissel

"Natalie Dissel" is a socially conscious company. All materials come from a honest source. She is committed to sourcing the finest materials from developing countries using local artisans. Training the workforce and paying a fair price for their skills.

MADE invited Natalie Dissel in Nov.07 to join them in their workshop in Kenya to design their upcomming Boutique range. This became an amazing experience. Working with the local people, using recycled materials and getting in contact with the African culture.

The collaboration with MADE is about producing gorgeously unique, high quality designer accessories for style-savvy shoppers. All MADE products designed by Natalie Dissel are sourced and created within disadvantaged communities across East Africa. In doing this we're able to radically improve the lives of impoverished communities in developing countries. Following the principles of fair trade MADE train's local artisans in new skills, providing fair wages and support at every level. Via this 'trade not aid' ethos we believe we can help break the cycle of poverty and empower the people who create our products.

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