Nirvana Sugars

Nirvana Sugars is a Fairtrade company.

It provides the best deal for small-scale sugar-cane plantation growers in Least Developed Countries. Our cane sugars, produced under strict quality standards are made from sugar-cane plantations grown in Tropical countries. These sugar estates include extensive small-scale plantation holders who receive a fair deal for their sugar cane.

Our mission is to source and purchase quality produce and pay a fair price for it. That is why we adopted new minimum guaranteed prices for the production of natural cane sugars. These prices, above the normal Fairtrade minimum, reflect the additional costs to the growers for producing such quality cane sugars and ensure that they share in the added value of these products.

Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for Third World producers. The terms of trade include premium prices, credit terms and a long-term trading commitment. Fairtrade also agrees terms of production that include environmental standards, health and safety regulations and decent wages.

Products, which are produced in line with Fairtrade criteria, are awarded the Fairtrade Mark in the UK by the Fairtrade Foundation which is part of Fairtrade Labeling Organisation International.

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