The initial idea for Onagono came in 2003 when its founder, Tomomi Kojo-Robertson, originally from Japan, recognizing the unfair trade of seed cotton in so many countries, believed that there was something she could take part in that could make a difference. After working for several very talented fashion designers in London, over the years, such as YMC, Zakee Shariff, Hyde S.K and Ghulam Sakina, she was inspired by them and knew that she wanted to create something new that reflected her thoughts and originality, and that people could also feel excited about. Her interests had always been in creative cultures like fashion, art and music as well as world-scale issues like the environment and the gap between rich countries and poor countries. It seemed to be that fashion, in which she built her career, and being ethical were an unlikely match that caused her a dilemma, and so when she finally recognized the story behind organic cotton and Fairtrade, she knew that they were going to be projects that she should pursue. Onagono unites fashion art and ethical issues. It gathers people who share similar interests and beliefs and creates something exciting. It evolves with the people who are involved!

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