Pants To Poverty

Well, it's been a crazy, beautiful, exciting, inspiring and gorgeous journey so far! We started out as the young people's group from Make Poverty History in 2005. Remember Live8? That massive rally in Edinburgh? Remember the white band that 8 million people bought? Well that's where we began. We were inspired by that great man Nelson Mandela's words when he came to London and said:Today hundreds of millions of people lie trapped and enslaved in the prison of poverty's time to set them free Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. So, a little challenge then! We know many of the old ways just don't work. We know that we're bloody lucky to be born healthy without the daily torment of man made poverty. We know that the people in power don't really do much about someone dying every 3 seconds because of the way they run the world. We know that Mandela's right the question was what do we do about it. We looked into things a little more closely and thought, hang on! That's pants! Pants to that Pants to Poverty!!! Ooh, wait a minute Suddenly our pants were born! Pants went to Glastonbury and within a day 3000 people had bought our pants!! Joss Stone, Goldie Looking Chain and even the great Michael Eavis were in our pants! Maybe you were too!?

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