Piccalilly is a Yorkshire Dales run business, run by people who love the environment they live in and who want to source in a socially responsible way. As an ethically conscious brand we have been leading the way producing stylish socially and environmentally responsible baby clothes and children's clothes that are colourful and modern in design. As a forward thinking business we are committed to trading fairly with suppliers throughout the supply chain whilst also working towards environmental best practice. Making the right choices isn't always easy and we don't claim to do things perfectly. But on a day to day basis we try to make progress to find better solutions to what we do. * We are dedicated to sourcing products on a fair trade basis and our organic baby clothes and organic cotton clothing ranges are made from FAIRTRADE certified cotton - a guarantee that producers in developing countries are getting a better deal. Our organic baby clothes were recently included in a report by ETHICAL CONSUMER Magazine who gave us the second highest ethicscore and voted our baby range BEST BUY! So don't just take our word for it! * We are also absolute believers in knowing our supply chains - and you can trust that all our organic FAIRTRADE cotton comes from a traceable and credible source. Our organic cotton comes from the CHETNA project and is used to make our organic baby clothes, organic children's clothes and organic bathrobes. The supply chain has been audited by the Fairtrade Foundation, meeting social compliance indicators at everystage in the process. We pay a guaranteed price for our cotton and an additional social premium which is invested by the cotton producers in community development projects such as clean water, schools, roads and medical centre's.

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