Pickled Green Clothing

Pickled Green Clothing was set up in March 2009, and was born from my background in international development and experience in the non for profit sector, combined with a passion for sustainability and the environment. The aim was to make affordable ethical and sustainable fashion a more accessible option. Hopefully, then benefiting some of the huge number of people involved in the growing and manufacturing of clothes and accessories worldwide, an estimated 100 million households. Through working to increase the demand for ethical clothing and accessories; the better the opportunities for growers and producers in developing countries become, the more sustainable our fashion consumption is and there is then less impact on the environment both in the producer countries and within the UK. Also, by buying consciously and ethically not only do you get a great, unique product, but you learn more about how and by who it was made and are safe in the knowledge that those involved in its creation or the environment have not suffered in anyway.

To try and meet our aim, Pickled Green Clothing chooses brands that use only certified organic cotton, sustainable fabrics and recycled materials produced under Fairtrade conditions and that also have similar ethics built into their business operations as we have. Alongside some of our established brands, we also support small, local producers that are operating sustainable businesses within their own countries and promote their products through selling online and at various markets, festivals and fairs around the UK. 

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