Siesta Fair Trade Crafts

Siesta is recognised by BAFTS the (British Association for Fair Trade Shops) as being a Fair Trade supplier and we are listed in their directory of approved suppliers for 2008. As a result we are often asked about the origins of our products and their producers.

We try to adapt our trading policy to suit the differing economic, social, political and cultural aspects in the world and thus we are very flexible in our trading activities with our various producers. Some of our smaller producers can only supply relatively small orders and we often have to pay for the goods months before we receive them.

Other producers have, over the years, set up their own workshops and they can supply larger quantities and a greater range of goods, and payment to these is made upon completion of the order. For example, our main supplier in Bali has grown with us over the years and we now check that working conditions, rates of pay, etc. are above the norm, and that materials are from sustainable sources.

In some countries we have agents who find suitable suppliers. India is so large that we are unable to find producers ourselves and so our agent does this. Musical instrument manufacturing there is still at a basic level, continuing production methods that are centuries old. Drum shells for instance, are carved and then left to dry along the roadside. To these producers our orders are a vital source of income.

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