Tashanda Africa

Tashanda was founded in February 2006 to design, retail and wholesale art
and lifestyle crafts from Zimbabwe, Africa. It is our mission to participate in the
fight against global poverty, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe it is
our responsibility as human beings to play a part no matter how small. We
also believe that developing countries need opportunities for employment
creation rather than handouts, and a website such as this one is one way of
supporting employment creation.

Our beautiful products are sourced from both disadvantaged artisans as well as well established Zimbabwean brands. Tashanda also designs its own products under the brand name Afrobag using the skills of self-employed artisans such as batik artists, natural bead jewellers etc...

By showcasing all these works we are able to improve our product range and create an additional retail platform for our producer partners. For those of you who are also from Africa and are currently living overseas, we hope our website will bring you comfort and bring back good memories of our beautiful continent.

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