Tatty Bumpkin

Clothes to feel good in, clothes to feel good about...Tatty Bumpkinā„¢ was created in 2004, in response to the lack of Organic and ethically sourced products for children age 1-7 years, we are one of only a handful of organic manufacturers for this age group.

Although our clothes are, and have always been, organic and ethically produced, we think that the clothes should be desirable in their own right too. Comfortable clothing enables children to do what they do best - explore, learn and develop their imagination. Ill fitting and uncomfortable clothing actually inhibits learning and development.

Movement is the basis for learning...
Our yoga based multi-sensory movement classes were the inspiration behind the comfy clothing and there are now teachers throughout the Uk and Europe.

On a day to day basis, our aim is to enable anyone connected with children the chance to enjoy their unlimited imagination within their surroundings.

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