Established in August 1992 as an independent development organisation, The ThaiCraft Association was the successor to the "Hilltribe Sales" (volunteer-run events organised by the International Church of Bangkok at International School Bangkok's former downtown campus from 1975-1992). For the first year only, small start-up administration grants were received from Dutch (ICCO) and British (ODA/Oxfam) funding agencies but, by retaining a small share of sales revenue, ThaiCraft soon became and has remained a financially self-sufficient organisation. By utilising volunteers from local and international communities in Bangkok, and with support from a small full-time staff, most of the first ThaiCraft Sales (a half-day market in Bangkok eight times a year) were held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. In September 1996, The Landmark Hotel in Sukhumvit Road became our main venue until September 2002 when, for one year, this event was held at the Imperial Tara Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 26. The ThaiCraft Sale - which from April 2006 has been renamed the 'ThaiCraft Fair'  has been held at the Ambassador Hotel since 2003, with one Fair being in each calendar month. While the monthly Fairs have remained popular, ThaiCraft has recently been invigorating the event to enable customers to learn more about the craft producers and altogether give a better shopping experience. The Fair will always continue to develop and evolve and, in that way, remain a 'must go' event on many people's calendar. In order to present the products to a wider audience, smaller Fairs are held from time to time at other venues. Two of these paces are International School Bangkok (ISB) in Nonthaburi (a Bangkok northern suburb) and at Bumrungrad Hospital in Soi Nana Nua, Sukhumvit Road. (Dates are included on our SaleEvents Page) ThaiCraft is always seeking other venue possibilities and we are happy to receive suggestions, whether it be at a school, or international conference or in a new area.

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