The Hemp Trading Company

THTC came runner up in the 2007 Observer Ethical Awards for 'Best Fashion Product'. Ciel were the other runners up, with shoe specialists Terra Plana coming first. The awards are put on by Lucy Siegle and sponsored by Ecover.

* All factories that THTC uses comply with ISO 9000 standards – (international organisation of standardisation) The hemp is trucked to the mill for de-gumming and processing into fibre. No caustic soda is used during this process, keeping it as environmentally sound as possible.
* The T-shirts are manufactured by people who receive full safety training, and belong to a labour union. The minimum age of employees is 19, the maximum age being 54. They work 8 hour shifts and have weekends off - (That's more than us at THTC central!)
* All our Hemp is grown on small family farms in North Eastern China. It is and always has been grown organically

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