Traces of Rock

Traces of Rock is a small company based in the rocking city of Birmingham (UK). We print our own designs for children on 100% Fairtrade Certified organic cotton t-shirts and babygrows.

We believe in Fairtrade: our clothes are made for kids, not by kids. Everyone involved in the production of our t-shirts and babygrows, from spinner to manufacturer, has been FLO Registered and we are licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation. The cotton is grown organically and spun in India, then weaved and manufactured in Mauritius. Its journey ends in glamourous Birmingham where it gets printed by us, the Traces of Rock people. Then we send it to you! We hope you'll enjoy the lovely cotton that has travelled a long way to be with you.

Our aim is to be as ethical as possible. Our bank is ethical, we use recycled paper and packaging, and even our cleaning products are ecologically friendly! We're ethical by choice, not because it's trendy. Unfortunately, at the moment we have to fly our t-shirts and babygrows from Mauritius, but we are hoping to be able to have them shipped by sea in the near future. We believe that it is our responsibility to do as little damage to the environment as possible.

Finally, we'd like you to meet Bernard. Bernard is a rock cat and he's our mascot at Traces of Rock. Bernard likes to go to gigs. He's already been to the new Wembley Stadium twice, though he was a bit scared the second time when one of the security ladies searched his nappy - not that there was anything hidden in it. We've posted pictures of Bernard on different parts of the site. If you're in a band and would like to meet Bernard, just send us an email. He'd definitely like to meet you! Bernard likes rock people.

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