Taking its name from an Inca dagger, Tumi was founded in 1978 by Mo Fini promoting fair trade crafts and goods with Latin America, working closely with organisations such as Traidcraft and Oxfam Trading, specialising in wholesale distribution, retail and mail order online of world crafts.

In 1991 Tumi Crafts received the World Award for Effective Communication from the Centre for World Development Education in London. Mo was also short-listed for the World Vision Award by the same organization. Tumi has organized many cultural exhibitions and Tours of Latin American musicians together with its sister company Tumi Music. Such exhibitions included: The Weavers of Ancient Peru, 1985 at Commonwealth, London which was accompanied by Mo’s book of the same title; The Portrait of Latin America, 1990 at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, UK also accompanied by a book of Mo’s photographs of the same title. Other books written by the founder and his partner Lucy Davies include ‘The Arts and Crafts of South America’ and more recently ‘The Dictionary of Cuban Music’ by Helio Oruvio and Mo Fini. Among many cultural and educational videos produced by Mo is the documentary Q’ero- The Last of The Incas, exploring what is believed to be the last family of pure Incas hiding in the Andes.

From Mexico, the home of the Maya and Aztec cultures, we import fair trade crafts such as pre-Hispanic pottery, recycled glass, tin, silver jewellery, nativity figures, burners and a large selection of ceramic fish and cat figures.

From Central America, El Salvador and Guatemala, we import hammocks, miniature figures, worry dolls, textiles, bags and accessories.

From Colombia and Ecuador we import music and fair trade crafts such as musical instruments, Panama hats and soft furnishings. From the land of the Incas, Peru, in the heart of South America we import fair trade crafts such as mirrors, beads, musical instruments and knitwear.

From Chile, rain pipes and wooden snakes and from Bolivia, bags, belts, Alpaca and llama accessories such as hats and gloves, traditional instruments such as panpipes, charangos and ocarinas.

More recently we have started working in Indian fair trade crafts involving silk scarves, glass beads, ornaments and silver jewellery. Tumi is currently a member of the fair trade organisation BAFTS.

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