Via Design

Vision, inspiration and action are at the heart of VIA design, a UK charitable company. We work in partnership with crafts producers, ngo's, and individual artisans in the majority world to design, produce and sell appealing and unusual handcrafted products.

VIA means the way', or the way through.' Our vision is to empower disadvantaged and marginalised people, through or VIA' design,' developing their creativity and business skills through training and design assistance, working with them to establish sustainable businesses with improved access to national and international markets. VIA design is committed to excellence in design and by transforming business practice we aim to restore dignity and hope to those who live in poverty.

Our inspiration flows from a confluence of dynamic and rich design traditions to meet the changing demands of 21st century consumers. Understanding the market trends enables the VIA design team to direct the design process in partnership with the crafts producers.

Our action is motivated by our core values, which are consistent with the Christian faith: commitment to the poor, justice, integrity, good stewardship of resources, accountability and recognition of the value of individuals. We work with people from all faiths and none. We support the Make Poverty History' movement.

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