Visionary Soap Company

The best thing about our products is that you know exactly what goes into them. We always disclose every ingredient on our packaging and are not interested in operating any other way. Our products never contain synthetic dyes or fragrances, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients nor animal products. All products, in fact, are 100% organic as well as vegan. Being that Visionary Soap Company is first and foremost a fair trade company, we source as many of our ingredients and accessories from fair trade suppliers as possible. For example, our organic olive oil comes from cooperatives in Palestine. We get our organic coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter from women's cooperatives in Ghana whenever possible. Fair trade herbs and spices and essential oils are still commodities which are being developed but we have incorporated them wherever possible as well. We currently are able to source some of our herbs and spices from co-ops in Sri Lanka and roughly 25% of our essential oils come from small producers in Madagascar and The Comoros. All of our handmade gift boxes and paper are from worker-owned cooperatives in Nepal and the Philippines. We also source cosmetic bags from polio & landmine disabled groups in Cambodia, sustainably-grown luffas from Thailand, incense from India and soap dishes from Bali. We will soon have crocheted sisal soap bags from women's groups in Madagascar as well.

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