What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade.

It is a partnership between producers and traders that aims at sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers. It enables people to feed their families, develop their communities and it gives them dignity.

200 years after the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was signed, there are still approximately 20 million people in slavery worldwide. Fair Trade is a modern remedy for slavery – it has the potential to alleviate poverty by changing the unfair structures of world trade.

People use varying terms such as fairtrade, fair trade and fairly traded. The term ‘Fairtrade’ as one word is part of the Fairtrade Foundation’s logo and trademark and is used for products that have actually been certified ‘Fairtrade’. This certification is given by the Fairtrade Foundation.

The Fairtrade mark has traditionally applied to raw foods. This was to ensure that farmers were being given a fair price for the food that they grew. The demand for Fairtrade certified foods has grown rapidly – in 2003 there were approximately 150 certified Fairtrade products … by 2010 there were over 3000.

Until independent certification is available for other products such as gifts, crafts, accessories and certain types of clothing, we feel that it is important to support those suppliers, manufacturers and communities who demonstrate their support for fair trade principles, and who are trying to benefit the communities in which they work and trade. This also includes co-operatives and communities who are striving to maintain traditional skills and crafts. We would class these individuals and companies as promoters of fair trade or purveyors of fairly traded goods.

bft1_endorsement_logo_blue.jpgLook out for our bestfairtrade.com stamp of approval – this means that we are confident that the company is doing its best to uphold the standards of fair trade, even though it is not officially certified.  Many companies are striving to get official recognition – in some cases it can take several years to get international fair trade certification but we recognise their actions now.



What is bestfairtrade.com?

For the consumer...

bestfairtrade.com is a online consumer guide for the global Fair Trade industry. 

bestfairtrade.com contains regularly updated advice, news and views on and from the Fair Trade industry as well as a directory of over 300 retailers.

Members are encouraged to share their recommendations and experiences with other users, whilst bestfairtrade mail, a dedicated email from the editor will update them of recent trends, new sites, special offers and the latest products.

For the retailer...

bestfairtrade.com offers all Fair Trade companies the opportunity to reach a highly focused audience, namely those seeking more information about one or many aspects fothe Fair Trade industry. As such, bestfairtrade.com aims to become the first port of call for Fair Trade companies wishing to communicate information concerning their products and designs to a highly relevant target audience.

What do we ask of the retailer?

Whilst the retailer's listing (the listed retailers are chosen by the bestfairtrade editorial team), description and the link to their site is absolutely free and always unbiased we do, where possible, ask the following:

* That we are added to the retailer's PR mailing list and kept up to date with any new news they have and feel would be suitable for mention on the bestfairtrade site or in our monthly bestfairtrade Mail.
* That if they feature links on their site, that they put a link to www.bestfairtrade.com on it (we can provide a logo if the site in question features these).
* That if they have a newsletter, mailing list or news section on their site, that, where possible, they let their subscribers know they have been included in www.bestfairtrade.com.
* That they consider either advertising on www.bestfairtrade.com, or offering bestfairtrade members a discount/offer or running a competition on the site.

Advertising with us.

bestfairtrade.com is becoming a powerful way to direct online shoppers to brand. In a world infiltrated with media and increasingly savvy consumers, marketing products via traditional mediums such as TV, Radio and Press, has become extremely costly and competitive. The internet however, has changed the way products are marketed, opening it up to a much more global market, paving the way for the retailer's marketing needs, allowing them to directly and efficiently target the customers that are interested in their products.

bestfairtrade.com aims to connect its advertisers with a spectrum of prospective purchasers, whilst maintaining a loyal target audience. Over time, bestfairtrade.com aims to communicate with the entire global Fair Trade demographic, covering every aspect of Fair Trade living, in every part of the globe.

bestfairtrade.com provides a retailer / brand / store with:

* An online marketing presence
* Cost effective marketing opportunities
* Access to a highly focused and relevant audience
* The opportunity to target your marketing activity
* Listings alongside some of the most highly respected Fair Trade brands available
* Exponential growth viewership

bestfairtrade.com is not endeavoring to sell products under a bestfairtrade brand, it is dedicated to driving online users to a companies site where the company in question can brand, build and sell in their own environment. Make bestfairtrade.com drive your traffic harder by taking advantage of some of the advertising and promotional opportunities we have available:

* Banners
* Skyscrapers
* Sponsorship
* Promotions

For more information please contact: info@bestfairtrade.com

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